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More old stuff!
More old stuff.
More old portfolio stuff. Didn’t really like most of these, but time and rest wasn’t on my side, so that was a thing. Just getting through posting old stuff!
Something I started for my last animation portfolio (for the personal works) but never got around to finishing due to time constraints. I was working off of a favourite photo my best friend took, but I think I will finish this digitally instead. It’s not really exact to the photo, but oh well, I’m not the greatest at these kinds of drawings, but that’s why I practice! I will have this finished sometime in the future though.
A little version of Moira that I designed for one of my older portfolio characters. Smaller made it easier, and made her hella cute too. This one is a little sketchy, but I still wanted to rescue it and post it anyways. I have a few more pics of this as well, and like to say that this is just her as a child or something, haha.(Again, I’m just going through posting older drawings before I get to posting more newer drawings)
Just another old drawing that I rescued from my sketchbook I did about 2 years ago. Just going through posting old stuff before I go back to posting newer stuff!
This was something (a voodoo snake god to be exact) I started doodling in ballpoint pen on a blank, white piece of cardboard while I was bored one night closing at work. I was surprised considering this started in ballpoint pen, and wound up looking pretty cool as I worked on it. I started colouring it in prisma markers when I got home, but I kind of lost interest in continuing it as I got distracted by other stuff. I might go back to it, but I’m not sure yet (even though I love how the face turned out).
My gargoyle-bat character named Moira that I created last year. I was originally going to use her in one of my earlier portfolios, but sadly it was a little too complicated for the character rotation. Regardless, that was in the past so it doesn’t matter now, and I still love her design and might have more fun drawing her again sometime later (or even just colouring this picture too).
Just posting old doodles from my old sketchbook (this pic was from a couple of years ago). I’m currently doing exercise drawings right now actually, and want to revisit trying out different wing styles sometime sooner or later!
fictitious-visionary sent: i just went through everything and holy shit you are ammmmaaazziiinnnggg

Ahhh thank you Colt! ;A;/ I’m so glad you think so! I also realized that I didn’t know you had a tumblr until I saw your contest entry!! Good luck on winning that gamecation!

YEAH! Happy day! I got accepted into BAA of Game Design! <3

Ahh, so awesome! My friend made the picture I drew for her into her phone case! The photo quality is a little fuzzy, but it&#8217;s all she was able to use at the time. Still happy about this! =)
Just felt like making Tardar Sauce (Grumpy Cat) and her brother Pokey as Animal Crossing villagers^^